Shame on me

Hi all!

I need to be ashamed of myself, as I already wanted to write a new post both Saturday and Sunday and I’m writing one only now, on Monday evening. I have been quite busy though, at least, that’s what I tell myself to keep me calm. (I must say, It’s working) (Plus it’s not a complete lie)
No seriously, it isn’t, I have a resit exam this Wednesday and since I thought it would a great idea to visit a party yesterday, I don’t have a lot of spare time left now. At this point you could say it wasn’t the best idea in the first place, but it wouldn’t even have been this bad if I had just started studying a bit earlier than this afternoon. So I’m having little panic attacks already for some hours.

But there is also a good side to this story, which has more to do with my challenge and less with naming all my daily complaints. You see, normally I would go internet shopping all the way when I needed to study. Here in The Netherlands we call that ‘SOG’, one of the best abbreviations in history if you ask me. It stands for ‘study avoiding behavior’, I bet we all love doing this. But now that I’m not allowed to shop anyway, I have so much more time to use for studying! Nevertheless I will probably not use all that time useful anyway, so let’s say next time I feel the need to SOG, I should probably use it on getting a frequent blog rhythm.

Good night! x

Day 4: Jeans – Bershka, Boots – Zara, Blouse – H&M, Jacket – H&M, Bracelet – Buddha to Buddha

Day 5: Hat – H&M, Shirt – DIY, Blazer – Mango, Short – H&M, Boots – Zara

Day 6: Sweater – Zara, Short – Vintage, Shoes – H&M

Day 7: Blazer – Topshop, Blouse – H&M, Jeans – Bershka, Heels – Mango


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