Bags of potential

Hi dear readers!

Blue monday was not quite how blue monday is supposed to be, not neccessarily down or depressed, but about having some breakthrough moments of life.
One of which is the fact that I am writing at this moment. To make things clear: I wrote within 3 days in stead of 3 weeks (okay, slight exaggeration), so this may be called a big progress. The other one is about my age. Since I was in the mood to do absolutely nothing last evening, I thought it would be nice to start reading my new book, ‘F*CK! I’m in my twenties’. As the title might already spill, it’s about the good and bad, well okay mainly problematic bads, of being in your twenty. As the grandma that I am, turning 21 next month(!), I feel so relieved about not being the only one with these issues. So to all of you struggling with facing the pressure to act more like adults, feeling misunderstood or getting the feeling that being in your twenties should make you a responsible, fulltime intelligent, having-your-shit-together person (and you are not quite there yet), I would definitely recommend this book, it’s so recognizable!

A bit more frustrating, is called the site of Zara.
I was wandering through the online world of everything when I bumped onto this extra ordinary beauty,  as this happens to us every once in a while. I was about to ignore the desiring feelings that I felt through my body, but my mind couldn’t win, so I went to check out the rest of the new collection of Zara, and H&M, and possibly every other online department store. Seemed like the best idea, certainly wasn’t the best idea, but at least I’m having a perfectly clear image on how I want my future closet to look like, which is nice. But you could say I’m not that good at keeping up with two challenges at the same time, or I might just need some more practice, practice makes perfect after all.

musthaves musthaves acc

Shoes (except sneakers), Bags, Dresses, Bottoms, Striped top, Wool jumper, Light blue jacket – Zara
White bomber jacket, Long blazer – Monki, Black jumper – H&M, Sports t-shirt –, Sneakers –


And if this doesn’t work out after all, I’ll just grab my book and have some self-pity.



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