Walking in a winter wonderland

Hi all!


Winter has (finally) arrived in the Netherlands, or at least here in the north, in Groningen.
This morning there was even a lot more snow than this picture shows, but unfortunately I didn’t make a decent picture and couldn’t really find one either, but it’s something.
And at this moment a lot of the snow has already melted, which makes me quite sad, since it looked so pretty and now everything is just a mess.
And even worse, it actually is going to freeze again so in a couple of days we’ll have our own private little ice-skating rink in the streets.
It’s probably not up to me to decide whether that’s a good thing, but personally I would prefer not going out the door for the next week.

Because of this freezing Antarctic cold, getting dressed, or getting out of bed, or out of the shower, had been a rough path for me.
Even finding a normal outfit was a hard task, luckily I have a really warm coat which keeps me warm outside. For this reason, and the tiny fact that my last two exams are this week (meaning I don’t really have to get dressed), I just put on something, anything, to wear which is comfy and warm.
But I have sticked to my challenge of not wearing the same outfit twice, which is nice. So if anyone is wondering why my outfits are extremely boring: you have your answer.
At least my exams are over this Thursday, which makes me genuinely happy and gives room for a celebration!

day 19

Day 19: Blouse – H&M, Hat – H&M, Top – Dutch Vogue, Jeans – H&M, Boots – Zara

day 20

Day 20: Cardigan – Topshop, Top – Bershka, Coated jeans – River Island, Boots- UGG Australia

day 21

Day 21: Head accessory – H&M, Jumper – No clue, Jeans – ASOS, Shoes – UGG Australia


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