London’s calling

Hi all!

I’m so excited, I booked a ticket to London last week. And not just a ticket, an extremely ridiculous cheap ticket!
I’m travelling by bus though, but that’s totally worth it, especially since I’ve been wanting to go to London since forever.

I mean, I’ve been there once a couple of  years (okay AGES) ago, but that was with school, and I was 14, I think that says it all.
Now I can finally go on my own! Of course, I could have bought a ticket and go to London for some time now, but for some reason I never found the need to really start searching, but now I finally have a good reason!
That is, my friend is staying in Oxford for four months for an internship and I figured it would be nice to visit her.
So actually I’ll be spending most of time (“those whole 3 days”) in Oxford, but we won’t let that spoil the fun. And Oxford is probably really nice as well.
Speaking of which, I should google it. Anyway, the first night and day, I arrive in the evening, of my trip I’ll be in London on my own, which means: go shopping, go out and do sightseeing as much as I can.

Unfortunately I’m going only in April, but I’ve already started to find sights worth seeing. After all, anticipatory pleasure is half the fun!






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