Getting older

Hi all!

outfit bday
Leather dress – Zara, Heels – Mango, Lipstick – Revlon

I am so frustrated about my age, last wednesday I turned 21(!!) It feels so mature grown up old-ish.
I know I have said this before and it still isn’t true, but still.
Anyway, yesterday I had my birthday bash, which was not so much of a bash and more of a dinner and a drink.
But I had a lovely evening though.
And now that that has been done, I finally have time (okay, technically not, but I have time to not do other stuff and write blogposts instead) to choose a new challenge! Exciting!
I’m not 100% sure yet, but I’ll decide tomorrow. Procastination is kindof my thing.
Maybe I should start something which involves me not buying clothes again, as I have bought a new dress and two tops since the last one ended.
And yes, I should probably be ashamed of myself, but I  really love the new things, especially the dress, so I’ll be forgiven. (It was my birthday after all..)



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