I will remember you

Hi all!

It has been a really, really, really long time, so first of all, I’ll have to apologize for this. Next to an apology, I believe I also owe you an explanation for my absence. Normally I’d probably have some pretty lame excuses, but this time they’re kind of acceptable, if you ask me of course and I have got my back on this one.

Anyway, the reason for not posting anything for at least 2 months (still ashamed) was my overenthusiasm with school and jobs in combination with this blog. Not only was my last block already really busy on its own, I also figured that that was the best time to take an extra course next to my additional courses, which I can tell you, was the worst.timing.ever! This lead to reading, or at least being stressed out about having to read, some 6 scientific articles every week and meeting 2 deadlines each week as well. As this wasn’t enough already, I also started working as a waitress at the local pub. So I think I’m not on my own when I say that this would a bit much for anyone, and instead of writing each week, promising to write more often, I had decided that it would be better to just not write at all for a while and start again after I had found some regularity in my busy schedule. And now that I have finished the most terrible block ever, that time has arrived, so can push myself to make come back, better than ever! (keeping a positive attitude!!)

And of course, with a new era comes a new challenge, since that was the whole objective in the first place. Although my new job helps me saving for my trip as well, I should not forget my additional saving plans and opportunities. After all, what better time to start a new challenge than now. Both London and Val Thorens are in the past (a very beautiful past with loads of good memories), meaning there shouldn’t be big temptations worth failing my saving goal anymore.

As my challenge I have chosen the ‘Uniform challenge’. The Uniform challenge is explained as choosing one item from your wardrobe and trying to wear it in a different way every day for a week. Dresses can be layered over or under, cardigans and sweaters are great for winter and skirts and shirts can be worn with a variety of tops and layers. It’s definitely a great way to find new combinations in your existing wardrobe. It sounded like a fun and exciting challenge to me and I will try this with one item each week for the next three weeks. To spice it up a bit, I will be allowed to purchase only one new item in the next 30 days. I have some catching up to do after all.

In my next post I will tell you which item I’ve picked for next week!



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