Inspiration – all black

Hi everyone! After my ‘inspiration – all white’ post, it’s probably time for a new inspirational post, and what better to pick than a contrasting ‘all black’ post. I’m a big fan of simple, minimalistic and chic clothing and for that reason, not surprisingly, I don’t like to wear more than two, or occasionally three,…… Continue reading Inspiration – all black

Challenge: Successful finish

Hi everyone! Yesterday was already the last day of my latest challenge, for which I had to create different outfits with one particular item for one week. Four weeks, four items and a lot of outfits further, the challenge has ended and I can say that I’m quite relieved, cause honestly, it’s pretty upsetting when…… Continue reading Challenge: Successful finish

Groningen University 400 years!

Hi everyone! This year the university I go to already exists for 400 years (party time!!). This is ,of course, a very very long time and therefore this month is all  about the university’s 400th anniversary. But not only by giving birthday parties, the actual King of the Netherlands came to open the lustrum last…… Continue reading Groningen University 400 years!

Challenge update -WEEK 4

Hi everyone! We’re already in the last week of my 1-item-a-week challenge. Choosing an item for upcoming week is a bit difficult since it is quite warm at the moment, but it’ll be colder again once the weekend comes. But since it’s so sunny, I’ll go for my white singlet, as it just gives a…… Continue reading Challenge update -WEEK 4

New week – New challenge

Hi everyone! Today is Wednesday, which means another week of my challenge has past by and a new one has started. (I’ve actually wanted to write this yesterday, but my stupid exam got in the way – time management!) Last week I’ve been trying to combine my singlet with as many different outfits as possible.…… Continue reading New week – New challenge