Hi everyone!

Just as most people, I also have some people that I think are an inspiration to me. I’m not going to discuss all of them today, but let’s start with one.

image (2) image (3)
(All photos are from


The person I’m going to discuss today is Nathalie Kemna, from
Nathalie is a 22 year old fashion blogger from the Netherlands. From quite close to my hometown, Amersfoort, actually.
I think her style is very sophisticated, yet elegant and feminine. It’s the mix between chic items like a pair of classy trousers with more laid back items like a furry coat. But next to her good sense of style, I believe that there’s another inspiring thing about her, which is the fact that if you look at her blog and lookbook account, they’re both really young and new, but already a success!
Which is, in my opinion, a tough but respectful job and I believe we will hear much more from her.


So I would definitely recommend following her, at least that’s what I’ll keep doing.






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