Groningen University 400 years!

Hi everyone!

This year the university I go to already exists for 400 years (party time!!). This is ,of course, a very very long time and therefore this month is all  about the university’s 400th anniversary. But not only by giving birthday parties, the actual King of the Netherlands came to open the lustrum last week. I even took a selfie with him, not to mention the fact that you mostly see me, unfortunately. Afterwards there was a huge gala, which was amazing, there were several different areas with different kinds of music and around 10 000 people showed up, so I believe it is acceptable to say that it was a great success. During the rest of this month people can visit an exposition about 400 years of studying at the museum of Groningen and various other interesting shows or musicals. Finally, the lustrum month will end with a spectacular party once again. So at least, I won’t get bored the upcoming weeks!

On the balcony you see King Willem Alexander from the Netherlands, it was nice to finally see him in real life for once! Btw, he’s the guy on the right, with his hands in the air, kindof. Unfortunately my mobile phone’s camera refuses to make pictures sharper than this 😦IMG_7418 IMG_7406 IMG_7409
Very vogue, strike a pose! IMG_7415



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