Challenge: Successful finish

Hi everyone!

Yesterday was already the last day of my latest challenge, for which I had to create different outfits with one particular item for one week. Four weeks, four items and a lot of outfits further, the challenge has ended and I can say that I’m quite relieved, cause honestly, it’s pretty upsetting when you have this perfect outfit in your head and you can’t wear it for the sake of a challenge. But those days are over now!

3775021_image week4dag2 week4dag4 week4dag5

So now I can start a new challenge! This new one isn’t so much about different items, well it still is, but much more to emphasize that I REALLY should take more pictures. I either forget it, or feel a bit awkward to ask a random stranger to take some pictures, yet asking a stranger still feels less awkward than striking some weird poses in front of someone I do know. I don’t know, I guess the idea that you’ll never see them again calms me.

Anyway, you might already guess it, but for my new challenge I have to take an outfit photo every day for at least 50 days! And let’s hope that by that time I’m finally used to it, so I don’t have to challenge myself anymore on this one.

As for my other challenge, that one goes pretty well actually, I haven’t shopped for over 30 days! Although I was even ‘allowed’ to buy one piece of clothing, so I’ll see how much longer I can resist all those beautiful clothing. I am going to Amsterdam tomorrow, so this will be a tough call. But we’ll see!



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