Fashion findings

Hi everyone! 

As for my 50 days-50 photos challenge, I’ve decided to start from tomorrow on, since my last challenges started on Tuesday as well.
But also because there were some personal, unpleasant things going on the last couple of days, but from now on I will try my best again to make the best out of my challenges! I promise!

I’ve also been having some struggles on deciding what falls under my one-piece-a-month challenge. You see, I’ve ordered this beautiful coat from ASOS yesterday. It was 20% off, what else was I supposed to do!? And I needed a long black coat, so it was a worthy investment.
Anyway, I’m considering whether this also counts as one item. I kind of feel like it doesn’t. Remember  how you used to convince your parents that, if they gave you monthly supplies to buy clothes, coats and shoes weren’t included since this would benefit you. At least, that’s how I always rolled back in the days and it worked for me. (this sounds so bad, I was a sweet child though)

I might use the same kind of argumentation on this one, coats and shoes are basic needs after all. And besides, choosing one item is hard enough as it is without this coat included, especially with all these summer clothes, which are waaaay less expensive than the usual winter items. But I won’t cheat, honestly. So now I’ll go back to choosing the holy grail between all these clothes.



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