Summer heat and orange nails

Hi everyone!

Wow, it is so hot these days in the Netherlands, I know I’ve commented on the weather before, but I’m still flabbergasted. I don’t really dare to be happy either, since I feel like that would be bad luck causing the weather to change even more quickly than it normally does.
Nevertheless, it is nice to finally feel what summer is like, while not being on holiday. So I’ve pulled out all the shorts, skirts, skorts, etc. out of my closet to enjoy this while it lasts.
The only thing not so comforting about all of this is my terribly annoying hay fever. I’m literally sneezing at least 20 times a day and when I’m not sneezing, I’m itchy. I’ve got to pay a high price for this weather, but it’s worth it.

As for my nails, the world championships for soccer are almost starting and this is my way to cheer for the Dutch team. I’m doubting how far they will come this time, but during the last WC they were actually really good, So I’m pretty excited and curious for the upcoming matches! Unfortunately I do have exams and I have to work a lot, but I’ll at least do my best to watch most of the games.

summer heat summer heat2 orange nails




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