New in – June

Hi everyone!

Since I’d kind of dropped my challenges the last couple of weeks anyway, I’d decided to do some summer shopping as well. You know, every woman needs some real shopping every once in a while, this was my moment.

Anyway, I have been working two jobs lately and I was losing it, so I figured I needed a treat, a little gift from myself to myself. I’d been thinking what I would get myself for quite a while, but at the beginning of last month, I knew what my treat had to be! drum ruffle


A Kenzo t-shirt!


I’m super excited, my first real designer item, I got my head up in the sky! I just remembered how I feels to be in love. Okay, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but still, I know some of you (most of you probably if you’re being honest) know what I mean.

mom jeans2

And since my shopping cravings were already off the hook by that point, I decided to buy a mom-fit jeans and clear white top as well. They were on sale, it was a justified purchase. Got to love Zara on sale!


(PS. unfortunately, these photos were still taken with my phone)


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