Girl code

Hi everyone!

Has anyone watched girl code yet? I had already discovered it on MTV a few months ago, but I’ve recently rediscovered it online, and I’m all in now. I think I might even be addicted, I’ve honestly watched over 10 episodes in the last couple of days, and even though I’m having vacation at the moment, that isn’t an excuse for doing nothing but watching series. Well, okay, actually it is.

Anyway, I believe every female out there should start watching girl code right now, if they haven’t already, because until now, each subject that has been dealt with, was a disclosure of epic proportions, a great discovery that I’m not alone in this brutal world, and yet again, I can’t be the only one feeling like this. So everybody watch! (you can find it on Netflix probably)

The other thing that is still keeping me busy is work, as always. It’s still not that interesting, considering that I have to clean old people’s houses. They do tell me interesting stories every now and then though. And all this hard work literally pays off in the end (of the month), so I know what I’m doing it for, eyes on the price: South Africa. Which reminds me that I should probably update you on my ultimate goal any time now. But I’ll keep you waiting for that until my next post.

Last but not least, I finally put some effort into my outfit again today, probably because it was the first day in a while where I actually went out the door for something other than work.


I was wearing a mom fit jeans from Zara, combined with a crop top from Bershka, white sneakers and some regular black blazer to combine it with in the evening.

I think I’ll leave it for now and go to bed, since a busy working day tomorrow awaits.



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