100 Happy Days

Hi there!

It feels like centuries ago since I last did a challenge, therefore I figured that it would be nice (and it is about time!) to start a new challenge.

The character of this new challenge is a bit different from my other challenges, but I believe that a new challenge will keep it nice and new. But other than that, I feel like this one in particular will do much good for me personally as well.
I will not keep you waiting any longer..

My new challenge is the ‘100 days to be happy-challenge’. It means that I’ll have to post a photo everyday of what made me happy that day. Research has shown that out of all people who tried this challenge, 71% failed because of ‘lack of time’.  On the contrary, it has appeared that the people who did finish the challenge said they felt happier afterwards.

I must admit, I’ve tried this before and I actually forgot to take photos after 2 days already, but it is never too late to try again. Anything for more happiness in life, right?

For more info about the challenge, go to http://www.100happydays.com, Are you joining me?

I’ve chosen twitter as a platform to share my pictures (@worldofchantal), but I will also post them here on my blog! So to see how I’m doing you can just follow me here and see the short story behind the picture as well.


For today I’ve chosen to stick with an image of this quote. Even though I had a relaxing day with my mom and spoke to this wonderful lady at H&M, I feel like you only truly experience these things once you live by the idea that everything is an adventure.



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