Making the days count

Hi everyone!

It must seem to you  like I’ve already failed my challenge to upload a picture of something that made me happy each day.
Luckily I haven’t, I’ve only been failing in uploading them here. The reasoning behind this is that I’m on my way to Copenhagen as I write this and the days before I go on holiday always seem to be more stressful than any family’s stress before the Christmas holidays. I hope this gives you a representative view. I shouldn’t use it as an excuse though.
However, I did upload my pictures on twitter and will now upload them here, since I’m still in the game for 100 happy days. Better late than never, right?

This first picture is a picture of the town I grew up in, and still live every now and then by the way. It’s called Amersfoort and lies about 30 minutes from Amsterdam. Since I’ve been living here for so long, I don’t even pay attention to the city at all anymore, but when I drove by the harbour the other day and looked around me, I saw how beautiful this city can be. So I decided to make a picture as a prove of re-invention.


The second picture is a shameless selfie I made yesterday after finishing my entire to-do list, which was pretty long, trust me on this one.
Anyway, after running around all day, travelling through the entire country (yes, I am well aware that the Netherlands are very small, but when one has to travel back and forth and long drives, even the Netherlands can be big) and managing to finish all my tasks in only a few hours, I was so relieved I could finally relax, it was definitely my finest moment of the day.

I haven’t had my best moment of today yet, probably because I have only been in the bus for already 5 hours now. But in about 5 more hours, I will finally reach Copenhagen and see my friend again, who is studying there for 5 months, so I’m at least having something to look forward to during this long journey.

So long! xoxo


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