Happy days – Copenhagen

Hi everyone!

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to update anything while I was in Copenhagen, because I didn’t have internet access.
But now that I have been back for a few days, I’m all up and connected again, yeah!
This also resulted in not being able to update my happy day challenge. However, I did collect my happy moments!

Here you can see them both from Copenhagen and last week.

happy days happy days2 happy days 3


1. Finally seeing Hieke again! 2. Beautiful Danish home decoration. 3. Finally having lunch after a long day of sightseeing. 4. Christiania, a peaceful hippie village in the middle of Copenhagen. 5. I hate mondays!! (But this image made me laugh) 6. A dress up party, we are dressed as Ursula from the little mermaid. 7. Inspirational quote 8. Going out with friends (love polaroid camera’s!) 9. Having dinner at my grandparents 10. seeing my lovely friends again!



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