Copenhagen – OUTFITS

Hi All!

During my trip to Copenhagen, I (of course) felt the need to look fashionably responsible 24 hours a day. Despite the fact that I’m not such a beauty while I’m asleep, for that reason I also won’t join the woke-up-like-this hype, but this motivated me even more for my daytime outfits. (Not that I don’t feel the need to look properly in the Netherlands btw, but I feel like everyone in Copenhagen puts in more effort, which makes me very happy)

Lucky for me, we have had a few beautiful sunny days during my visit, so my biggest problem was to choose from the thousands of pieces of clothes I brought with me. But I eventually managed to complete this difficult task.


For day one, I chose to go for a totally white outfit. I used to have a hatred against white jeans, but this all-white trend has got me head over heels, when combining white with the right pieces, it can look like a million dollar. I can only hope I succeeded with my outfit, but I’m satisfied with the result.


The second day, I went for my beloved Kenzo t-shirt, combined with a pair of white (there I go again) trousers and my black duster coat. Even though this coat kind of makes me feel like I’m a flasher, I really like it!


On the third and last day of my stay, I went for a casual baggy look, since we went to Christiana, a hippie village in the middle of  Copenhagen, and a harbor for some food and relaxing time. I wore my mom fit jeans from Zara, combined with a sleeveless top and baby blue leather jacket.



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