New in: Made for walking

Hi everyone!

Today I’m wearing my t-shirt dress paired with my over-knee boots. Luckily the Netherlands aren’t as cold as the US currently, so I’m still able to wear things like this without freezing my butt off.
Both of these items are also new in my closet. The t-shirt dress is my beloved item from the Alexander Wang x H&M collection, after a long process of doubt I finally decided this was the thing I wanted to spend my last euros on. The other part of my outfit, the boots, are too from H&M. I actually was quite surprised I found my dream boots at H&M, as I’m normally not the biggest fan of their shoes, but they certainly didn’t disappoint me this time.


I must say, I do really need to lessen my shopping lately. Now that I’m not doing my not-shopping challenges anymore, I’m kind of overdoing it. I honestly needed some new items, but perhaps it’s time for a new challenge?



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