Wishlist: Bottoms

Hi everyone!

I know that in one of my lasts posts I actually mentioned that I shouldn’t buy that much clothes anymore. I must say, it is a lot easier now that I don’t have the money. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have a wish list anymore.
Now that I have to work hard and keep saving money, hopefully Santa thinks I’ve been a good girl who deserves a small treat for my hard work. (Please, Santa?)

I’ll keep my list short and level of sweetness high, because the thing I’d love to have the most is a piece of statement trousers. Here I’ve picked three; two from H&M and one from Free People. I don’t know if you know Free People already, but if you don’t you should definitely go to their website right now! It’s www.freepeople.com


hmprod (1) hmprod

Find them here: flared pants, cropped trousers, red leather pants

I have to admit that the crazy one from free people is my ultimate favorite! Which is probably not the best idea, because it isn’t the easiest to combine and with a price of €108 it  certainly isn’t the cheapest either. But I just love it!
However, I do really like the red leather pants and cropped trousers as well, I would really love to have a pair of cropped trousers. So I’ll keep my options open. Or actually, I’ll keep them closed and keep on dreaming. (and hoping for a Santa-miracle)

So long! xoxo


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