Never underestimate a good dress up

Hi everyone!

At this point I’m still smitten with the party I attended the last couple of days. This might sound a bit wrong, but of course I did go home every once in a while to take a nap and relax.
It was more of a three day fest that each day went on until somewhere in the afternoon. And the best part is, you get to play dress up and become someone else every day.
I don’t have a lot of pictures, since I decided to not take my phone, or any other photographing device for that matter, with me. But I do have some pictures of the first and second day to show my outfits.

The first day we went as Cruella de Vil, which was great, despite the fact that the black and white hairspray had firmly spread across my face during the night. But I feel like we definitely looked like her!  ( and we definitely had the best Dalmatian fanny packs)
The second day we went for a more scary look, the one of jigsaw. Unfortunately we made the minor mistake not to invest in the right grime,  so during the night our makeup crumbled off. Luckily we were able to get some other grime from a friend, and in the end the crumbling makeup actually made it a lot scarier.
The third and last day we went as Russel from the movie ‘up’. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of that outfit, but it was just fine. I think I just got so tired from the other nights I kind of forgot how to function.  Especially since I only went to bed around 3pm on Saturday. Nevertheless I had a great night again. But now I’m just resting mostly, preparing myself for work.

image (1) image (7) image (4)

Bye! xoxo


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