Chantal on tour – South Africa through my eyes

As not many of you know yet, I’m currently having a gap year and just started traveling the world. The first stop of my great adventure? South Africa.

For those of you already following me a great century ago, it comes as no surprise that I’ve Always wanted to revisit the mother land. For all the others, I went on an exchange to Stellenbosch two years ago and have ever since said I wanted to go back. Lucky for me that time has finally come and I’m driving through the Majestic fields of South Africa on my way to Cape Town as we speak (or as I’m writing, more specifically).

First of all I must take a moment to appreciate being back, it feels like coming home, yet as if I barely ever left. The wonderful people, the beautiful nature and all of these great experiences I can never get enough of. Being back I actually did not only want to take a trip down memory lane, without seeing some of the other things this country has to offer. You see, two years ago I ran out of time and money and although I saw many other countries and amazing places, I couldn’t visit the East Coast anymore. This trip seemed like a good opportunity to do so. Now let me talk you through some of my experiences of the past two weeks.

It all started off in Cape Town, where I arrived on the 22th of January. Arriving in summertime South Africa came as a warm welcome after leaving Europe in 1 degrees celcius and rain. I quickly went to the V&A Waterfront (your go-to for whatever shopping it is that you need to do) to get some extra goodies for my big trip the day after. When I arrived back at the hostel, I was torn between having 15 hours of sleep or trying to be social and make some friends. Although those 15 hours of sleep sounded very attractive, I came to the conclusion that it was probably a fun idea to make some friends and do something nice. 30 minutes later I was a couple of shots into making plans to go out for what was supposed to be an early night in. I’d say it was worth the fun, however, the 2,5 days on a bus that followed would most prob disagree with me.


Those 2,5 days were well payed for by my new place for the next 3 days. I arrived at Drakensberg, a place known for its miraculous hikes, breathtaking scenery and precarious weather. I’ve done some amazing hikes across the Drakensberg national park ending in rock pools, passed the waterfalls and learned many new cultural insights during my daytrip to Lesotho. I thought I’d seen Africa before, but this was a whole new deal. It looked as if I just rolled into the latest LOTR movie, but with cows. To be honest, I was somewhat surprised about the presence of these grazing creatures everywhere. Besides a tiny baby snake and one big bird, no tropical animal spotted.


After Drakenberg it was time to hop back on the bus to Coffee Bay. Along the way I stopped at some hostels overnight. My original plan was to have a stopover at Umkomaas, which is supposedly one of the most beautiful dive and snorkling spots of South Africa. Unfortunately the weather was very depressing (for me at least, read: lots of rain), so I decided to skip this and drive straight to Coffee Bay. This was again something so different from both Drakenberg and the Western Cape. It’s in an area called “The wild coast” and it quickly shows why this is. Far away from any cellphone service or solid roads, where the kettle (again what’s up with these cows) walks across the road and there are definitely a lot less tourists. The wild coast wears its name proudly. This is a place where it’s very hard to arrive without your own transport or something like the Bazbus (which I’ve been using my whole trip). Unfortunately I only had 2,5 days, but if you’ve got the opportunity to stay longer, don’t hestitate and maybe make a little stop at Mdubi and Port St Johns as well, same beauty, different activities.

My last stop on this trip was Wilderness. I’ve been very into the wild stuff these weeks. A little town on the garden route with an almost tropical vibe. Can I say that the hostel I’ve stayed at had the most AMAZING view ever? And by that I mean I had a bed at the window overlooking the ocean and mountains. I could wake up to this every day. Of course I didn’t only came to Wilderness for the great bedroom view, although I could have. Like the other places so far, Wilderness is a great place to get moving. During my 48 hours there I made sure I did some Stand Up Paddling, Kayaking and a walk along the beach. You would expect me to be some sort of atlethe by now actually. Or at least, I expected myself to be. I wonder if it was the three-day-in-a-row pizzaday that ruined this or the good parties. Either way those snacks were worth it, this country’s food is delicous!!

I hope I’ve given you a proper inside into my weeks so far and speak to you soon! Howdy!

Love, Chantal


Greece through my eyes



Hey you,

As I’m writing this I’m unfortunately not in Greece anymore, but sick at home.
As september is ending and autumn is really giving it a go, the flu season starts as well. At work almost all of my colleagues caught the flu and also my roommates are dealing with it. So it was only a matter of time before the flu caught up on me too.

However, this post luckily isn’t about the depressing moods that come with being sick, but about my point of view from Greece. More specifically, about the islands Zakynthos and Kefalonia, that I’ve visited this summer.

My friend and I first traveled to Zakynthos for a couple of days, followed by some days in Kefalonia. As the best way to travel around the islands is either by car or scooter, and neither of us have got our driving licenses yet, we decided to rent a cute little scooter for the both of us. With this scooter came the freedom of seeing the whole island, yes this includes some dirt roads (don’t let the scooter rental guy know), but also many roads with never ending views across the sea and forests. I could go on forever about the beauty of the islands, but I’ll post some must-do’s later in another post. First, I’d like to show a you a bit of Greece through my eyes.

Love! Chantal

Re-losing my blog virginity

Hi guys,

It’s been ages since I last wrote something here and I feel bad about not being present for so long. It feels as if I’m losing my blogging virginity all over again.

Again with a goal of traveling the world, yet again having a hard time to save up for it.
However, some things did change, I’ve moved to Amsterdam, tried to become better at balancing everything out and therefore being more capable of continuing to write. Overall, I tried to become better at life.

I think I’ve succeeded in this a fair bit, so please feel free to join me on my journey through the rough and expensive city life of Amsterdam, and my ways of avoiding and transforming this.


Lots of love,


(Very) Long time no see

Hi everyone!

I should be very ashamed, and I am. It’s been over a year since the last time I wrote something here. Not completely without reason though, because even though I’ve loved everything and anything in South Africa and I would have loved to share it with you, there are always some drawbacks you’ve got to learn to adjust to. One of those was the fact the wifi was completely shit. Like I-cannot-even-look-at-this-snapchat-shit. So you can imagine that to upload photos you had got to be some kind of magic worker, and magic has never really been my passion, nor my strength for that matter. Another reason was that unfortunately my phone and other important stuff got stolen, so I was trying to work that out, calling back and forth with home and trying to get my new stuff to me in South Africa. These things made me a little reluctant to write, unfortunately. Despite these two unfortunate events, I have lived probably the best six months of my life so far in South Africa  and I can only recommend everyone else to also go there and explore.

But now I am back, or actually, I am in Cologne in Germany at the moment. A little less adventurous, but nevertheless also beautiful, just very different. At least my wifi is good enough to post pictures and I can eat a lot of bratwurst. So allow me to virtually take you to all of my favorite spots in Cologne, through all of my streetstyle fashion moments and of course some new money-saving challenges. Now that one trip is over I have got to start saving for the next ones. Who made traveling so addictive and expensive?!

But first, let me take you through my SA highlights, so you can enjoy just as much as I did. Okay, almost as much.

Bad blogging period

Hi everyone!

As you might have noticed I’ve been going through a bad blogging period lately. And by ‘bad’ I mean terrible, in this sentence bad is the understatement of the year (cheers tot that). This isn’t for no reason though. Mainly it’s because I’ve been lacking time, but also because I’ve been lacking the energy and enthusiasm to write.

I’ve been dealing with studying and working moreover, but next tot that I’ve been thinking what it is exactly that I want to deliver on this page, besides giving me more reason to save for South Africa of course.

I’m still not exactly sure, but I’m getting there. I’ve been spinning my head around what it is that I like and what parts of my life I want to be on the internet. Because even though I believe everything is pretty fascinating, I can totally imagine not everybody thinks of a trip to the supermarket as an adventure. I must say though, it keeps life interesting, so I can definitely recommend this way of seeing things.

But I’m wandering now. Anyway, I’ve been planning on buying an actual personal page to work my way through this blogging life and maybe follow a course on how to become a better web designer, so I can develop and become better at what I want to do. So don’t worry, or do, see for yourself, I won’t quit writing, I’m getting ready to be back!

As for my challenge, it has been quite difficult, but I haven’t shopped yet. So that makes a week, yay! I’ll try really hard to continue, even though it is becoming more and more difficult with my birthday coming up. BE STRONG.

Speak to you soon! xoxo

Copenhagen – OUTFITS

Hi All!

During my trip to Copenhagen, I (of course) felt the need to look fashionably responsible 24 hours a day. Despite the fact that I’m not such a beauty while I’m asleep, for that reason I also won’t join the woke-up-like-this hype, but this motivated me even more for my daytime outfits. (Not that I don’t feel the need to look properly in the Netherlands btw, but I feel like everyone in Copenhagen puts in more effort, which makes me very happy) Continue reading

Inspiration: ALL WHITE

Hi everyone!

Today’s post is about another one of my inspirational factors in life. And since it is spring, what better represents the happy light spring feeling than the color white.
I must admit, normally I’m not so much of a white lover, but this season’s trend has got me head over heels. I’m even planning on buying a pair of white jeans, preferably the ripped skinny ones. But at the same time I must remain honest, this white-trend thing only works for me when you transform your entire outfit to white, and not just one piece. Of course this is just how I feel, but I personally feel a high level of awkwardness and replaced guilt when I see someone pairing their white jeans with a pair of brown boots. Yes, it has come to my notice that many women still have the (misplaced) thought that combining the white jeans with brown boots will magically transform their jeans into a winter item, it does not. I have even seen Uggs, they take this idea way too far.


But I’m wandering from the subject. I was actually planning on showing my source of inspiration for this summer, so take a look. In the meantime I’ll try to figure out how to implement this into my wardrobe while sticking to my challenges.

white 3 white2


Challenge update

Hi everyone!

It has been a week since I’ve started my last challenge, which means it is time for an update. I must first confess, I made a very stupid mistake. Last Thursday I attended a party in Leiden, which is about 3 hours away from Groningen, so I stopped by at my mom’s place, since she lives halfway. But during that short stop I had to switch clothes and you can already guess, I’ve left my leather pants at my mom’s. (SHAME!!!) I tried to make it up to you and myself by using my leather shorts for the rest of this challenge instead of my long pants.
Also, I have forgotten to make photos of my outfit every day, so the pictures of the first part of the week have to wait some more. (Note to self: TAKE PICTURES!)


Leather shorts – H&M, Cut-out boots – Topshop, Pullover – Zara
Cowboy boots – Zara, T-shirt – H&M




T-shirt – Zara, Hat – H&M, Boots – Steve Madden


The pictures you see above are from Friday, Saturday, Sunday and yesterday at the Freedom Festival. (Yes, I wore the same outfit twice for lack of normal clothing that I’m suffering from and I made some logistical bad decisions about the clothing distribution between me and my parents)
Freedom festival is all about celebrating the freedom we have and rethinking the war which luckily for us ended 69 years ago now. But I believe it is important to still dwell on the fact that freedom isn’t self-evident.

Anyway, as for my other challenge, not shopping more than one item for 30 days, is actually going quite well! I’ve seen a lot of beautiful items, but I haven’t shopped anything yet. I do have an idea what I’m going to buy though.


And of course, my new item-for-a-week!
For this week I’ve chosen my red singlet from H&M. Because it’s elegant, but you can totally dress it up or down as you want it. Also, we have extremely changing weather here, one moment it’s warm and sunny and the other it’s raining a lot, so this top seems appropriate.


New in

Hi everyone!

It has been a while since my first challenge has stopped and as I have just started my challenge, I’ve had some time off.

And as any other shop-loving girl would do, I took my prerogative to shop very seriously. Unfortunately, I still don’t have the budget I, and mostly my shopping desire, need, but let’s not let that spoil the fun! I, as well, would’ve loved to add a beautiful new watch to the collection today – to make up for my bad day. But as I’m having a TERRIBLY bad day (but seriously, my phone broke, I bit my lip, which made me look like a retard and I had prepared the wrong part in class), the watch was sold out, so I’ll have to wait some more for my baby.

Anyway, let’s take a look at the item I did buy in the last month.

new in

L. Blue leather jacket – Zara, White pants – H&M

new in 4

new in 3

new in 2

T-Shirts – Both H&M, Lingerie – Victoria’s Secret

new in 5

Nike Air Max Thea – Nike



Fabulous Friday

Hi all!

As promised, I’ve chosen one of my favorite items for my new ‘uniform challenge’, for which I’ll pick one of my favorite items each week for 4 weeks. Then, I’ll wear this for a week paired with different outfits.

The first item I’m going to mix and match with is.. my leather trousers!


I’ll start this challenge on Tuesday, as I don’t have my  pair of leather trousers with me. (I’m at my parent’s place now)  Anyway, I’m very excited about what these next weeks will bring when it comes to my imagination.
I’ve already started my one item-one month challenge yesterday, which is already quite hard (good lord) after my big shopping spree in march, shopping is way too addictive!!

I am sorry for the bad quality photo though. Last week, when I was on holiday in England, someone (sshle) stole my camera. I’m currently saving and searching for a proper new one, so if anyone has any tips on what camera to buy or other camera tips, please let me know!

For now I’ll go back to my clothing and food crises.