Flu and rainy days

Hi everyone! I hope you are all doing well in this cold autumnal weather. Here in Cologne there has been a flu epidemic during the past weeks and just when I thought it had skipped me, I woke up this morning feeling like shit. With a cold, a headache, throat ache and everything else which…… Continue reading Flu and rainy days

Victory is close

Hi all! My sincere apologies for not writing for so long. I’ve been very very busy last week. I’ve had my last two exams for this period, which I’ve hopefully passed, or at least one of them. And right after that my grandparents had their 50-years wedding anniversary. Isn’t crazy how you can spend so many…… Continue reading Victory is close

Walking in a winter wonderland

Hi all!      http://www.nufoto.nl/fotos/431628/dik-pak-sneeuw-in-groningen.html Winter has (finally) arrived in the Netherlands, or at least here in the north, in Groningen. This morning there was even a lot more snow than this picture shows, but unfortunately I didn’t make a decent picture and couldn’t really find one either, but it’s something. And at this moment a lot of…… Continue reading Walking in a winter wonderland

Started from the bottom

And now we’re here, back at the bottom. Strange start, I know, but trust me, this is heading somewhere. Anywhere. Since today is day 16(ALREADY!) of my challenge, which means I’m halfway there, only 14 days left. Time flies when you’re having fun, only I’m not having that much fun because I’m still busy with…… Continue reading Started from the bottom