Hello hello,

Time flies! I’ve been in Sydney for about 3,5 months now and I feel like I’m slowly but surely getting everything under control, for however much that is possible for me at least.

Let me give you a quick introduction to me at the moment, feeling adult AF. I’m sitting in the library, as our WiFi at home is dissapointing as always, after visiting the World Press Photo Exhibition and doing some yoga. Even better, this morning I’ve eaten some homemade toast with avo (I know, so Australian) and drank tea with apple cider vinegar. However, I’m very aware that the fact that this day has got me so excited and feeling responsible most probably says something about my day to day living situation.

Of course, being away for a year in Australia and its surrounding countries sounds like a dream, but my impressive travel plans, addiction to shopping, love for a good party and unstoppable appetite have to be paid for one way or another. So I’ve decided to get myself not one, but two jobs (YAY). Meaning that on a day to day basis, I often make 14-16 hour days or find myself working 11 days in a row, working-out, hiking, going out, relaxing and sleeping, if I can fit that in somewhere. Oh, and updating this blog, one of the things that tends to be placed at the bottom of the to do’s. But not today! (You know, productivity and adult-life and such)

But at the end of the day, I cannot complain really. I’ve been eating a lot healthier, haven’t had a dominos $5 pizza deal in weeks and reduced my number of deserts from 5 to just 1-2 a day. My weeks of going out 6 times may be done, but quality over quantity for this matter is probably a must in everybody’s life and regular exercise will probably enlongen my great life, at least according to the internet.

Also, I’ve already seen so much beautiful scenery in and around Sydney, I’ll definitely post more on that later! It keeps amazing me how much there is to see around here. And that’s not all, both of my jobs are actually very nice, it’s a good balance to divide my weekly 50 hours between 2 different venues, so if you ever find yourself in the area; pls don’t hestitate to come visit me in Joseph Hyde or Sokyo.

beautiful Sydney skyline by night

So how do I juggle all of these activities in just 24hour timeframes? I don’t actually. I’m still as chaotic as ever and usually want to do as much as possible in one day. But as long as I force myself into getting some rest in between and try to enjoy everything I do as much as possible, it keeps me pretty sane.

So stay tuned for more posts about what I actually do around here. And maybe hopefully eventually a proper guide on how to live a healthy and balanced life, if I’ll ever find out.

ACS_0004a rare pic of me having everything under control

Howdy and lots of of love!


Bad blogging period

Hi everyone!

As you might have noticed I’ve been going through a bad blogging period lately. And by ‘bad’ I mean terrible, in this sentence bad is the understatement of the year (cheers tot that). This isn’t for no reason though. Mainly it’s because I’ve been lacking time, but also because I’ve been lacking the energy and enthusiasm to write.

I’ve been dealing with studying and working moreover, but next tot that I’ve been thinking what it is exactly that I want to deliver on this page, besides giving me more reason to save for South Africa of course.

I’m still not exactly sure, but I’m getting there. I’ve been spinning my head around what it is that I like and what parts of my life I want to be on the internet. Because even though I believe everything is pretty fascinating, I can totally imagine not everybody thinks of a trip to the supermarket as an adventure. I must say though, it keeps life interesting, so I can definitely recommend this way of seeing things.

But I’m wandering now. Anyway, I’ve been planning on buying an actual personal page to work my way through this blogging life and maybe follow a course on how to become a better web designer, so I can develop and become better at what I want to do. So don’t worry, or do, see for yourself, I won’t quit writing, I’m getting ready to be back!

As for my challenge, it has been quite difficult, but I haven’t shopped yet. So that makes a week, yay! I’ll try really hard to continue, even though it is becoming more and more difficult with my birthday coming up. BE STRONG.

Speak to you soon! xoxo

Hi Zurich

Hi everyone!

top of the world

I’m writing this from Zurich (jeeej!), where I’m visiting a friend. She’s been studying there since September, so I thought it was about time that I’d come and look how she’s doing. Zurich is, just as the other cities I’ve visited recently, a great city and I’m really delighted by the fact that Europe still seems to be having so many great cities for me to discover. Zurich probably wouldn’t have been on my list if she didn’t study here, so it is only good that she is, because Zurich has definitely surprised me in a good way.

Unfortunately I haven’t made so many pictures up till now, since it is so cold my hands are frozen all the time and I kind of forgot to buy batteries for my camera, but I got that set now.
Tomorrow we’re going to visit Luzern, which also supposed to be a great city, I can’t see more of Switzerland!


Bags of potential

Hi dear readers!

Blue monday was not quite how blue monday is supposed to be, not neccessarily down or depressed, but about having some breakthrough moments of life.
One of which is the fact that I am writing at this moment. To make things clear: I wrote within 3 days in stead of 3 weeks (okay, slight exaggeration), so this may be called a big progress. The other one is about my age. Since I was in the mood to do absolutely nothing last evening, I thought it would be nice to start reading my new book, ‘F*CK! I’m in my twenties’. As the title might already spill, it’s about the good and bad, well okay mainly problematic bads, of being in your twenty. As the grandma that I am, turning 21 next month(!), I feel so relieved about not being the only one with these issues. So to all of you struggling with facing the pressure to act more like adults, feeling misunderstood or getting the feeling that being in your twenties should make you a responsible, fulltime intelligent, having-your-shit-together person (and you are not quite there yet), I would definitely recommend this book, it’s so recognizable!

A bit more frustrating, is called the site of Zara.
I was wandering through the online world of everything when I bumped onto this extra ordinary beauty,  as this happens to us every once in a while. I was about to ignore the desiring feelings that I felt through my body, but my mind couldn’t win, so I went to check out the rest of the new collection of Zara, and H&M, and possibly every other online department store. Seemed like the best idea, certainly wasn’t the best idea, but at least I’m having a perfectly clear image on how I want my future closet to look like, which is nice. But you could say I’m not that good at keeping up with two challenges at the same time, or I might just need some more practice, practice makes perfect after all.

musthaves musthaves acc

Shoes (except sneakers), Bags, Dresses, Bottoms, Striped top, Wool jumper, Light blue jacket – Zara
White bomber jacket, Long blazer – Monki, Black jumper – H&M, Sports t-shirt –, Sneakers –


And if this doesn’t work out after all, I’ll just grab my book and have some self-pity.


Counting down the days

Hi all!

After my last post about shaming myself for not posting enough, I should probably just go and bury myself now, because I certainly wouldn’t be able to handle this amount of shame.
But luckily for the world (and myself) there is no reason to stress, I wouldn’t do that. It would be a pity if I’m not even capable of finishing my challenge.
Speaking of, I must say that I’m handling myself quite alright these days, the temptation to shop has gone down. Though you never know, this might be the calm before the storm, but I’m really satisfied with the results so far.
I should do this more often, and by that phrace I mean: I should do this also when I don’t t need to save money, because it will help me in the future anyway. Unfortunately I know, as the poor student that I am, that that moment will not arrive soon, especially since I transfered the money for my skiing trip today. Which is already a joke by itself, knowing that I’ve never even attempted to ski before.
But anyway, it’s nice to know I CAN save, and a lot better than expected.

Nevertheless, I decided I should probably also give myself a challenge to write a little more often. Because this whole ‘I think I will do this, or I will do it in an hour, or maybe another day, or we’ll see’ is not working for me. I should have known this, since I seem to do this more often in life. (I can’t be the only one) And besides, challenges are making life so much more fun, only the sound of it makes me feel so adventurous already, challenging. So let’s start this today!

ps. My sincere apologies for not having a picture of day 10 yet, it was a busy busy day without electronic devices.

day 8

Day 8, Blazer – Mango, Jumper – H&M, Leather trouser – Zara, Necklace – Primark, Bag – Modemusthaves


Day 9, Jacket – Pull and bear, Shirt – Zara, Leather skirt – H&M, Shoes – Zara

day 11

Day 11, Jumper – Cheap Monday, Skirt – H&M, Shoes – Topshop, Bag – Modemusthaves

day 12

Day 12, Blazer – Zara, Peplum top – H&M, Leather trousers – H&M, Shoes – H&M