Hello hello,

Time flies! I’ve been in Sydney for about 3,5 months now and I feel like I’m slowly but surely getting everything under control, for however much that is possible for me at least.

Let me give you a quick introduction to me at the moment, feeling adult AF. I’m sitting in the library, as our WiFi at home is dissapointing as always, after visiting the World Press Photo Exhibition and doing some yoga. Even better, this morning I’ve eaten some homemade toast with avo (I know, so Australian) and drank tea with apple cider vinegar. However, I’m very aware that the fact that this day has got me so excited and feeling responsible most probably says something about my day to day living situation.

Of course, being away for a year in Australia and its surrounding countries sounds like a dream, but my impressive travel plans, addiction to shopping, love for a good party and unstoppable appetite have to be paid for one way or another. So I’ve decided to get myself not one, but two jobs (YAY). Meaning that on a day to day basis, I often make 14-16 hour days or find myself working 11 days in a row, working-out, hiking, going out, relaxing and sleeping, if I can fit that in somewhere. Oh, and updating this blog, one of the things that tends to be placed at the bottom of the to do’s. But not today! (You know, productivity and adult-life and such)

But at the end of the day, I cannot complain really. I’ve been eating a lot healthier, haven’t had a dominos $5 pizza deal in weeks and reduced my number of deserts from 5 to just 1-2 a day. My weeks of going out 6 times may be done, but quality over quantity for this matter is probably a must in everybody’s life and regular exercise will probably enlongen my great life, at least according to the internet.

Also, I’ve already seen so much beautiful scenery in and around Sydney, I’ll definitely post more on that later! It keeps amazing me how much there is to see around here. And that’s not all, both of my jobs are actually very nice, it’s a good balance to divide my weekly 50 hours between 2 different venues, so if you ever find yourself in the area; pls don’t hestitate to come visit me in Joseph Hyde or Sokyo.

beautiful Sydney skyline by night

So how do I juggle all of these activities in just 24hour timeframes? I don’t actually. I’m still as chaotic as ever and usually want to do as much as possible in one day. But as long as I force myself into getting some rest in between and try to enjoy everything I do as much as possible, it keeps me pretty sane.

So stay tuned for more posts about what I actually do around here. And maybe hopefully eventually a proper guide on how to live a healthy and balanced life, if I’ll ever find out.

ACS_0004a rare pic of me having everything under control

Howdy and lots of of love!


Re-losing my blog virginity

Hi guys,

It’s been ages since I last wrote something here and I feel bad about not being present for so long. It feels as if I’m losing my blogging virginity all over again.

Again with a goal of traveling the world, yet again having a hard time to save up for it.
However, some things did change, I’ve moved to Amsterdam, tried to become better at balancing everything out and therefore being more capable of continuing to write. Overall, I tried to become better at life.

I think I’ve succeeded in this a fair bit, so please feel free to join me on my journey through the rough and expensive city life of Amsterdam, and my ways of avoiding and transforming this.


Lots of love,


Flu and rainy days

Hi everyone!

I hope you are all doing well in this cold autumnal weather. Here in Cologne there has been a flu epidemic during the past weeks and just when I thought it had skipped me, I woke up this morning feeling like shit. With a cold, a headache, throat ache and everything else which is flu-like.

So I’ve been trying to recover today by taking a lot of vitamins, drinking some lemon-ginger-honey tea and taking it slow. I even borrowed some nice bath oils from my roommate so I can take a nice warm bath and go to bed early tonight. And then all I can do is hope, pray and keeping my fingers crossed that it’ll be a lot better tomorrow, because I really don’t have time to be ill. Especially since I’ve found out I have to write 4 papers and prepare 3 presentations before the end of the month, one’s gotta love studentlife!

But I must also admit that having a decent excuse to not do anything and sleep feels kindof okay if it’s just for a day, finally a reason to do what I always love to do, haha. I sound a bit too lazy now I guess.

Anyway, I hope to be able to get back to you soon with some nice and healthy updates! Oh, and if you guys have any anti-flu tips, PLS SHARE!!

PS. The book I’m reading -hearing vision, seeing voices, is a very interesting book and I can definitely recommend reading it! However, I bought it in South Africa, so I’m not completely sure if the bookstores elsewhere sell it as well, but here’s a link to amazon:

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(Very) Long time no see

Hi everyone!

I should be very ashamed, and I am. It’s been over a year since the last time I wrote something here. Not completely without reason though, because even though I’ve loved everything and anything in South Africa and I would have loved to share it with you, there are always some drawbacks you’ve got to learn to adjust to. One of those was the fact the wifi was completely shit. Like I-cannot-even-look-at-this-snapchat-shit. So you can imagine that to upload photos you had got to be some kind of magic worker, and magic has never really been my passion, nor my strength for that matter. Another reason was that unfortunately my phone and other important stuff got stolen, so I was trying to work that out, calling back and forth with home and trying to get my new stuff to me in South Africa. These things made me a little reluctant to write, unfortunately. Despite these two unfortunate events, I have lived probably the best six months of my life so far in South Africa  and I can only recommend everyone else to also go there and explore.

But now I am back, or actually, I am in Cologne in Germany at the moment. A little less adventurous, but nevertheless also beautiful, just very different. At least my wifi is good enough to post pictures and I can eat a lot of bratwurst. So allow me to virtually take you to all of my favorite spots in Cologne, through all of my streetstyle fashion moments and of course some new money-saving challenges. Now that one trip is over I have got to start saving for the next ones. Who made traveling so addictive and expensive?!

But first, let me take you through my SA highlights, so you can enjoy just as much as I did. Okay, almost as much.