Losing my blog virginity

Hi all!

Today is 6 januari 2014 and today I’m losing my blog virginity. And as this is a blog, I’m sharing this with you guys.
I’ve started this blog because I really need to shorten my spendings and enlarge my savings now that I’m living on my own. Why am I doing this online? Simple, because doing something together is Always better then doing something by yourself. And although I might not be doing this litteraly with you, I am giving you notice on how I’m doing so I cannot fail! But i mean, seriously, I can’t.

If you’re wondering what I’m saving for, my trip to South Africe that will hopefully take place in two years. I would love to study abroad in South Africa, but this does not come for free. Luckily, I have some time left, but unfortunately this is not a lot. And admit, how awesome would it be to stay in Cape Town for half a year?!

To accomplish my great goal, I’ve come up with some challenges for myself. Or actually, I’ve searched the web for my first challenge: it’s called the ’30 day OOTD fashion challenge’.
This means that, for 30 days, I am not allowed to wear the same outfit twice, but I am also not allowed to shop for anything new. This means I have to be creative with what I have, a difficult task if you consider that I’m bored with most of my clothes already. After with 30 days I will start with a new challenge that will also have to save me some money.

If anyone is up to join me in my battle against shopping, or knows a great challenge, please let me know!